Rolling Hills Community Church

  •   Sunday Worship: 9:30am & 11:00am
  •   4407 W. Orange Blossom Trail, Zellwood, FL 32798


Care Team The purpose is to bring glory to God by building trusting and loving relationships by listening to those who are in crisis and need relief of pain and suffering. The Care Ministry is invited by the Scriptures to follow Jesus’ example of selfless sacrifice in loving service for the blessings and benefits of others in physical and spiritual need.
Food Service Ministry  To manage and oversee food preparation at social events.
Intercessory Prayer Ministry  To blanket the church in continual prayer…for every activity, event and ministry of our faith community.
Library & Book Store Ministry  To purchase books and sale of books in our bookstore. To oversee the Library.
Missions Ministry  To educate people about missions and approve expenditures for all missions of the church. To help   those in need and assist others in spreading the Gospel of Christ locally, regionally, nationally and   world wide.
Music and Special Events Ministry  To work with RHCC staff and membership in providing the best music ministry in the area, and the   resources to accomplish church worship goals.
Natural Church Development Health Ministry  This ministry is to oversee all other teams and ministries of our faith community and our Natural   Church Development process, which is constantly striving to fulfill God’s call to our church.
Property Ministry  To maintain and enrich our church property for the continuation of the ministries of RHCC.
Small Group Ministry  To develop, support and encourage small groups for Christian education in homes, church and other   locations. Also work in cooperation with Membership Team in assimilating new memberships into the   faith community.
Welcome Ministry  To make contact with new people surrounding our church. This is accomplished through advertising,   mailings, brochures and phone calls.
Worship Ministry  To enable worshipers to experience God’s grace and be in awe of His presence in our worship. Our   prayer is to draw participants to a deeper faith or a renewal through their faith.
Website Outreach  Reaching the world through